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Hi, we are The Knock Drawer Co.
We are an Irish, family-owned and managed business dedicated to innovation, excellence, and perfection in the coffee industry through precision engineering. We manufacture the very best coffee knock drawers and coffee accessories for the commercial & domestic markets
How it all started

A family business

Founded by Terry and his father in 1980, what is known today as Marco Beverage Systems has achieved remarkable success. Motivated by this accomplishment, Terry and his wife Maureen ventured into creating their own engineering company, WaterMark Engineering, in 1989.

Terry's expertise in problem-solving and engineering, combined with Maureen's extensive knowledge, quickly earned them a respected reputation in the engineering industry. This led to their transition from a garage in their garden to their first engineering factory in Blackrock, Dublin. They specialized in sheet metal manufacturing.

Back in 1995, Terry & Maureen took on the significant role of being the main Irish representative for Gaggia Coffee Machine, marking the beginning of their profound involvement in the coffee industry. As they navigated through years of joy and raised their 4 children, Terry's exposure to selling coffee machines allowed him to gain valuable insights into the hurdles faced by baristas in their work environment. It became evident to him that there were unmet needs and opportunities for enhancing the barista workflow, even though they were unable to act upon them at that time.

In 2007 Terry & Maureen sold the Coffee Machine business and decided that now was the time to capitalize on their niche market of Coffee Knock Drawers. This is how they would improve the barista workflow, by manufacturing the best built coffee knock drawers in the world.

In 2007, along with the day-to-day engineering, the first “Grounds Keeper” commercial knock out drawer was manufactured at their purpose-built Factory in Tallaght, Dublin.

Continuing with their innovation the Coffee Knock Drawer Company now manufacture a range of solutions for the commercial & domestic coffee industries. With global partners extending to the far reaches of the earth you can find their drawers anywhere from Ireland to Australia and Japan.

Their quest for innovation, excellence & perfection using their expertise in precision engineering continues. After all, every coffee machine & grinder duo creates coffee waste. Where do you dump yours?

Meet the team

Highly skilled, dedicated & diverse team.

Terry Coughlan

CEO & Founder

Maureen Coughlan

Co Founder

Amy Higgins

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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